AIRnet upgrade yields substantial energy savings for Zavidovskiy Textile

Zavidovskiy Textile produces polyester thread and textiles in Russia. By investing in innovative technologies and world-class equipment the company has earned a leading market position. Their main success factors: constant improvement of manufacturing techniques and production optimization.


A stable high quality compressed air supply is critical for a seamless manufacturing process and to ensure a high product quality of textiles. In the Zavidovsky factory the production lines are equipped with innovative high-tech spinning and texturing machines that require more than 200 m3 of air every minute. At the same time production must meet very high fire-protection requirements. That puts special demands in the compressed air network with regards to air flow, air pressure, air quality and safety.

ZAVIDOVSKIY Ainret application


The audit clearly revealed that optimiziation of the air transportation system could result in energy savings of up to 17%. Skif-Service offered AIRnet piping as the solution to boost unprecedented energy efficiency. Zavidovskiy Textile hesitated at
first. As they were not acquainted with aluminium piping, they preferred stainless steel and PVC pipes.

A comparative analysis of traditional systems and the AIRnet system won Zavidovsky over. They were impressed by AIRnets’ corrosion-free, durable and lightweight material; its increased energy-efficiency compared to other pipelines; and
its lower cost, when taking its total cost of ownership into account.


The complete 180 meter pipeline was installed within 2 weeks. A great advantage of AIRnet met a serious concern of the customer: installation was achieved without interrupting the production. Safety was another critical point. With the production of polyester thread, any risk of fire, like a sparkle at welding, could lead to grave consequences. AIRnet assembly however does not need welding and so accommodated Zavidovskiy’s very high fire-protection requirements.

From its launch, Zavidovskiy Textile measured the efficiency of the new AIRnet system. They recorded an impressive result right from the start. The savings and increased efficiency over the first months after AIRnet installation convinced Zavidovskiy Textile to continue optimization of their piping system at other production lines with AIRnet.