How to improve your air piping efficiency after leak detection

Did you know that in older compressed air systems, up to 20% of the total compressed air consumption may be lost through leaks?

Yearly cost of air leaks 

  • 1/8 inch hole = 12 l/s = a bicycle
  • 1/4 inch hole = 47 l/s = a small car
  • 3/8 inch hole = 108 l/s = a van

However, air leaks are not only a direct source of wasted energy, they also cause the system to lose pressure, which will in turn reduce the performance and life cycle of the pneumatic equipment connected to it. The inconsistent air flow can increase production time and negatively affect the quality of the product. 

Common causes of air leaks

Your compressed air network can start to leak due to a variety of reasons: 

Poor installation: Mistakes made during installation or maintenance, such as poorly jointed pipework, mismatched piping or improperly applied thread sealant can all lead to problems in the future. 
Materials: Skimping on materials or not using the right material for your system will make it susceptible for deterioration. 
Couplings and connections: Your compressor system naturally vibrates and moves. This vibration can cause couplings and connections to loosen over time, allowing air to escape. 
General wear and tear: Worn internal air seals can cause the point-of-use accessories to lose their efficiency and start to leak. 
Corrosion: Moisture inside the compressed air system will cause pipes to start rusting from the inside out, as the protective coating of the pipes gets worn out over time. 

How air piping makes all the difference

Sometimes repairing leaks can be as simple as tightening a poor connection, sealing cracks or replacing worn-out parts. 

But why wait until a leak occurs? Taking a proactive approach to preventing leaks is always preferable to costly shutdowns and repairs. Having the right air piping system from the start and setting up a leak prevention maintenance program makes all the difference in preventing problems in the future. 

With right selection of piping material, you can enjoy years of peace of mind when it comes to your air supply. A reliable piping system guarantees:

  • Optimal pressure levels
    minimum frictional losses thanks to smooth internal surface
  • Optimal air quality and production 
    all piping material is corrosion and contamination-free
  • Wide range of pipe types and accessories 
    for your application, from small DIY workshops to heavy industries
  • Performance for decades 
    strictest quality control for highest product quality and reliability
  • 100% match with your air needs and production environment 
    fully adaptable thanks to unique inhouse design
  • One supplier for a complete set-up 
    complete turn-key solutions from design to installation

What is optimal air piping efficiency?

You have reached maximum compressed air efficiency when your air supply is: