When do you choose air compressor plastic and poly pipes?

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Air compressor polyamide pipes for pneumatic tools

PA Piping

Even if you are working with a modest set of pneumatic tools, you still want to get the most out of your compressed air installation. Nobody likes pressure loss, contamination, leaks and plain inefficiency. For example, in a small workshop bad air flow and pressure drop can lead to inefficiencies in the final production, which can lead to financial losses.

Polyamide air piping installation is straightforward

A plastic piping system is ideal for these applications. You know you can rely on your pneumatic tools to work properly all the time:
  • Optimal airflow frictionless piping and seals, no leakage and minimum pressure drops
  • Performance for decades strictest quality control for highest product quality and reliability
  • Perfect air quality and production all piping material is corrosion and contamination-free

The plastic piping system is also modular which means you can easily add or move compressed air consumers at your disposal.