How to install your compressed air piping system?

A correct installation of your compressed air piping is key for maximizing the efficiency of the system and avoiding energy losses in the future due to leaks and other issues. In this article we have gathered some useful information, videos and guidelines to help you correctly install your AIRnet system.

Piping system installation - quick introduction

Get a first idea of your installation procedure in this 20 sec video.

Aluminium pipe system

The AIRnet system can be installed up to 85% faster than traditional piping system. Installation is done with simple tools. No welding, gluing or crimping is required.  

Stainless steel pipe system

AIRnet Stainless Steel is a press fit system that ensures fast installation with minimal tools. No welding or threading required. Just push and press.

For both aluminum and stainless steel compressor piping we have highly detailed installation videos as well as installation and assembly guides free for download: