Which piping material is best for a compressed air installation?

There are many factors at play when selecting the right material for your compressed air piping system. Your industry, application(s), environment, desired air quality, set-up size, aesthetics even. 

Aluminium piping system

General industrial applications

Aluminium has become the industry standard for complete compressed air piping systems because it is both anti-corrosive and lightweight, and easy to handle.

Moreover, aluminium piping systems come with these benefits:

  • contagion-free
  • guaranteed air quality
  • guaranteed oil-free, if the intake air fulfills all of the requirements
  • minimum pressure drops and zero leaks
  • performance over decades
  • adaptable, re-usable, easy to install

Stainless steel piping system

High air quality & harsh enviroments

Stainless steel piping is ideal for industries with highly demanding environments and critical applications like pharma, food & beverages and process industries.

Stainless steel pipes come in two different grades, SS304L & SS316L: 

  • optimal pressure levels
    minimum frictional losses thanks to smooth internal surface
  • optimal air quality and production 
    all piping material is corrosion and contamination-free
  • wide range of pipe types and accessories 
    for your application, from workshops to medical
  • performance for decades 
    strictest quality control for highest product quality and reliability
  • FDA approved material 
    fittings with FKM seals
  • silicon-free 

Whatever the choice, you want to avoid pressure drops caused by piping wear and rust. They could damage your point of use accessories and cause production failure in the end.