An AIRnet Aluminium installation is Fast, Easy and Reliable

AIRnet can be installed up to 85% faster than traditional piping system by one single technician. Installation is done with simple tools. No welding, gluing or crimping is required.

We provide the full range of documents and videos to help you correctly install your AIRnet system

  • Follow the instructions as described in the installation manual to get most out of your AIRnet piping system 4.4 MB, PDF
  • The main AIRnet pipes and fittings to use in your AutoCad library 25.4 MB

AIRnet Black Series installation


AIRnet D100 - D158 installation


An AIRnet Stainless Steel installation is Safe, Solid and Clean

AIRnet Stainless Steel is a press fit system that ensures fast installation with minimal tools. No welding or threading required. Just push and press.

  • How to install the AIRnet Stainless steel piping system 1.4 MB, PDF