How to calculate your compressed air piping and installation cost

Your total installation cost depends on various factors. The more complex your system lay-out, the more external equipment you will need for installation. As a rule of thumb, your compressed air pipe labor and installation cost will be around 20% to 25% of your material cost.

Total installation time

Assembly times may vary, depending on the following factors:

  • Total network length
  • Pipe network height
  • Ease of access to the piping system
  • Availability of the right tools on-site
  • All materials used like pipe types, fittings, which affect assembly time too

When evaluating different piping systems, these parameters affect your assembly time and cost:

  • Material handling and safety: Is welding required? Can pipes be handled by 1 or 2 people because of weight?
  • Material availability from one supplier versus sourcing from several suppliers
  • Ease of modifications and upgrades later on

Make sure you use planning and calculation tools

Of course, a lot of time can be lost calculating pipe diameters or pressure drops. By using our smart calculation tools, you can not only save a tremendous amount of time, but you can also be sure you have the correct information and measurements.    

You can also get a first cost estimate by using or smart Planner tool. For an exact cost estimate, please get in touch with one of our Sales Representatives.